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Drop - In Class


$75 / Class


Good for 1 Class hour

About the Course

The Adult Academy is powered by Operation 36, the best education and practical curriculum for creating golfers. Our program runs for 12 weeks in the Fall, 6 weeks in Winter, 12 weeks in Spring, and 8 weeks in the Summer. Following the education curriculum, each player is exposed to all golf skills and has an opportunity every other week to play 9 holes, from their Division. We evaluate all participants on their knowledge and understanding as a way to give both Coach and Golfer feedback and a clear plan on how to shoot PAR. Let's Golf!

  1. Good for one hour of class in the Adult Academy.

Your Instructor

Amanda Beeler

Amanda Beeler

Hi. Welcome to Total Body + Mind Golf. My name is Amanda Beeler, and I've been teaching people how to golf for over 20 years. I'm looking forward to helping you on your golf journey. I think the Academy is the perfect place to begin.

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