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Total Body
Mind Golf

Your Game is about to Change

Total Body + Mind Golf. The origination
of your greatest golf.
New Approach. Better Results.
Golf is about connections. Between learning and delivering. Between fun and success.
Between Body and Mind.  
LPGA pro, Amanda J Beeler takes it one step further—connecting her instruction with your greatest self. Start your golf journey today.

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Lisa Joseph

As an adult who made a return to golf after many years absent, I felt frustrated by my lack of progress, and too intimidated to be able to play with others. I noticed that younger kids were on the golf course and learning to play in a class format, and wondered if the same opportunity might exist for adults. I was then excited to learn that there WAS an adult Academy designed to help adults with their fundamental skills. The operation 36 golf academy approach has been a complete game changer for me! Our coaches running the Academy have been so helpful in explaining the finer nuances of the game, and my fellow players and I are steadily improving by working on our short game first! This short-game focus combines detailed instruction, games structured to reinforce skills, individual attention from the coach, benchmark testing, and continual feedback. All of this has me feeling more confident, playing more effectively, and enjoying the game so much more.  Op36 Academy students are provided with tools, taught terminology and phrases used in golf, and have access to one of the best designed golf tracking and tutorial apps I’ve ever seen.  I’ve also met some great people playing at my level who I can buddy up with out on the course!

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927 S. Fitch Mtn. Rd. 
Healdsburg, CA 95448

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