Start when they are small. Let the creativity and imagination begin. Golf is a game of endless possibilities, and developing that imagination for the game when they are young will carry through the rest of their golf life. Developing the decision making skills on the golf course has this interesting way of carrying over to life. 


Girls Golf

Create experiences that help girls fall in love with golf, in an environment that is fun, social, and less-intimidating. This approach allows girls the opportunity to discover golf, and see which place it will take them; social outings with friends, competition, excelling in their careers, or all of the above.

Junior Golf; Cole, Ian, Dante, Kellen

Junior League

Have a place where boys can be creative, excited, and learn in the same space. Giving them a place to make new friends, learn golf through games, and experience the fun of competition. 


Healdsburg Summer Junior Team

For 8-17 year old junior golfers, boys and girls, who want to play golf all summer. Our team has practice 4 days per week, with on average, one tournament per week. Our team is part of the North Bay Junior League, a semi-competitive league, that allows junior golfers the opportunity to start playing tournament golf.